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Chez Fab Starts new "LEAD" program to support local entrepreneurs

 Chez Fab is delighted to annouce we have created a new program to support local Entrepreneurs.  Its called LEAD. Louisiana Entrepreneurs Assistance and Development . True to the name, our aim is to offer support, guidance and resources to local entrepreneurs.  The first start up we will be working with is Changeling LLC . A local Urban Farmer with a mission to make healthy farm to table foods easy and accessable. Take a look at some of the items shes growing. To support this program donate here. This is Courtney The face behind Changling LLC

Bathroom Build in progress at Wonderground

 Its been a long journey, and its been wonderful to see the support and progress in becoming Baton Rouge's premiere Off Grid Art and Community Space. A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of the process.  (Pictured below Otis "Dude" Forbes, Cindy Wonderful, Will Smeltzer, Ellen Ogden, Erin Elliat, Ari Jewell)  And for those who are new to this transformation. Here is what it looked like in the begining. 

Local Community Activist Matt Thomas helps Chez Fab remove over 200 dumped tires!

 For those of you have been following the progress of our Wonderground location, you may have heard that in the early stages of Covid, while everyone was supposed to be on lockdown, someone  used that opportunity to unlawfully dump over 300 tires in our driveway.  Since then we have been trying to repurpose them, the give them away, to lawfully dispose them as time, and budget allows. (You can only take 5 a day to the processing plant, only when they are open. Being that we are grass roots, volunteer run, most of us have day jobs the same hours they are open. Organizing a one time pick up would've been over $1000 dollars. ). While we did manage to reduce the pile to just over 200 tires.  It has been a long, slow process. I have contacted numerous folks in the BRPD, DEQ, Matt Watson, and more. Wonderground had even been featured on WAFB about those tires, still no avail, so when my church friend Lura Allen told me that she knew someone who could help, I have to admit I was skeptical

Chez Fab Raises Money for Mobile Home Fire Victims

A big thank you to every one who donated to our fundraiser for the victims of the Grosse Tete Mobile Home Fire that left one six year old dead,  and the rest of the family devastated as they watched all of their worldly possesions go up in flames with an unstoppable force.  We deliverd the funds today. While our fundraiser is over can still donate to thier gofundme here.   While money is helpful, it can never replace a loved one. Please keep this family in their prayers and hearts.  Rest in Peace Sweet Elijah.                                                          To learn more about the story visit here.