July 31, 2021
  School is  back in session and Chez Fab is delighted to team up with FOCUS FOODS and M.O.R. (Meals Outreach and Resources) at our WONDERGR...Read More
March 10, 2021
There IS always MOR you can do for your community. Want to participating in feeding your community?  Donate or Serve.  Join our facebook gr...Read More
March 10, 2021
Making progress at the Swampfly community garden at Chez Fab's Wonderground Campus.  Great turn out for the volunteer event on Sat Marc...Read More
January 27, 2021
The Giving Continues with M.O.R .  ( Meals, Outreach, and Resources) Every other Sunday at Chez Fab's  800 N.19th St Location. 12-2 Cont...Read More