Chez Fab Location Featured on WAFBbeing included on this years LTHP endangered site list

Chez Fab's N . 19th Location Featured on WAFB TV news channel 9 for being included on this years endangered site list from    Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation (LTHP) . 

Every year, the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation (LTHP) puts out a list to bring awareness to dilapidated sites that are at risk of being lost. This year, there are 11 sites across the state that could be rehabilitated based on their history and condition.
“Historic buildings and sites are the fingerprints of our communities and it takes creative measures to preserve and protect them for future generations,” said Brian Davis, executive director of the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation. “Strategic partnerships, tax credits and programs like LTHP’s revolving fund can save buildings many people may consider too far gone.”