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Food for Thought

Fundraiser for Iroquois St Fire Survivors Silent Art Auction, Live Music, and Performance Art 1/20/18

Jelly returns to Chez Fab 8/15/17

Musical Performance Kim Boekbinder (NYC) Becca Babin (BR) and performance art Brittney Morse 10/21/17

Sir Jeanpierre AKA "JOER$$H" Music Video shoot "UP UP AWAY" 9/12/17

Chez Fab presents Jelly 8/15/17

Chez Fab Presents "The Mississippi Crying: A Docu-Healing" Film Screening 7/8/17

Chez Fab Fundraiser Hot Art Cool Nights @ Create Studios 5/12/17

Caleb Brown Music Video Shoot Directed by Evan Kidd 5/7/17

Disco Devils and Chez Fab celebrate Jarred Monson's Birthday 4/14/17

Film Shoot for "The Mississippi Crying" written by Micheal J Seaberry 3/28/17

Disco Devils Return to Chez Fab 3/10/17

Love Saves The Day - Misfits Ball 2/10/17

"Home Remedies" web series Film shoot by Director Evan Kidd 1/20/17

Queen Qui "Make It / Cup Running Over" Video Shoot 9/23/16

Strange and Good Times 8/29/16

Chez Fab Arts and Community Project is very excited to announce we have 2 new spaces in the works!

Geaux Big Day of Service 4/16/16

Blood, Sweat, and Tears 8/22/15

Brothers We Love 5/9/15

Grand Opening 3/7/15