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Chez Fab provides Glen Oak Magnet High School with Marching Band Hats

"Snack and Chat" with Unity Baton Rouge

Food for Thought

Fundraiser for Iroquois St Fire Survivors Silent Art Auction, Live Music, and Performance Art 1/20/18

Jelly returns to Chez Fab 8/15/17

Musical Performance Kim Boekbinder (NYC) Becca Babin (BR) and performance art Brittney Morse 10/21/17

Sir Jeanpierre AKA "JOER$$H" Music Video shoot "UP UP AWAY" 9/12/17

Chez Fab presents Jelly 8/15/17

Chez Fab Presents "The Mississippi Crying: A Docu-Healing" Film Screening 7/8/17

Chez Fab Fundraiser Hot Art Cool Nights @ Create Studios 5/12/17

Caleb Brown Music Video Shoot Directed by Evan Kidd 5/7/17

Disco Devils and Chez Fab celebrate Jarred Monson's Birthday 4/14/17

Film Shoot for "The Mississippi Crying" written by Micheal J Seaberry 3/28/17

Disco Devils Return to Chez Fab 3/10/17

Love Saves The Day - Misfits Ball 2/10/17

"Home Remedies" web series Film shoot by Director Evan Kidd 1/20/17

Queen Qui "Make It / Cup Running Over" Video Shoot 9/23/16

Strange and Good Times 8/29/16

Chez Fab Arts and Community Project is very excited to announce we have 2 new spaces in the works!

Geaux Big Day of Service 4/16/16

Blood, Sweat, and Tears 8/22/15

Brothers We Love 5/9/15

Grand Opening 3/7/15